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Crafting Code Workshop by Sandro Mancuso
Crafting Code Workshop by Sandro Mancuso
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Crafting Code Workshop by Sandro Mancuso

➡️Secure a seat now at ⬅️ This course is designed to help developers get better at Test-Driven Development and write well-crafted code—code that is clean, testable, maintainable, and an expression of the business domain. The course is entirely hands-on, designed to teach developers practical techniques they can immediately apply to real-world projects. Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of this course. Throughout, you will learn about the Software Craftsmanship attitude to development and how to apply it to your workplace. Writing Clean Code is difficult. Cleaning existing code, even more so. You should attend if you want to: ✅ Write clean code that is easy to understand and maintain ✅ Become more proficient in Test-Driven Development (TDD): using tests to design and build your code base ✅ Focus your tests and production code according to business – requirements using Outside-In TDD (a.k.a. the London School of TDD) ✅ Understand design principles that lead to clean code ✅ Avoid over-engineering and large rewrites by incrementally evolving your design using tests Once you have an understanding of the principles at work, we will apply them to Legacy Code to help you gain confidence in improving legacy projects through testing, refactoring and redesigning. The course is fully hands-on and developers will be writing a lot of code. ➡️Secure a seat now at ⬅️


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