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SAFe PO/PM Certification in Lviv
SAFe PO/PM Certification in Lviv
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SAFe PO/PM Certification in Lviv

The agenda of SAFe® PO/PM is created for the Product Owners and Product Managers who are looking for the right skillset to lead their scaled organizations to success. During the class, the participants will learn how to deliver value by using the concept of Agile Release Train (ART), manage backlog at the enterprise level and apply Lean thinking when dealing with creating Epics and breaking them into Features and Stories. No prior experience is needed. However, attending the Leading SAFe® course, experience working in a SAFe® environment, experience with Lean, Agile, or other relevant certifications is recommended. Passing the class will provide you with the access to pass the SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager Exam which will designate you a Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager. MORE DETAILS and SIGN UP - About trainer: Kseniya Kobryn (UA) – founder of platform Agile Space, Agile coach at Symphony Solutions, Certified Scrum Professional and SAFe® 4.5 Program Consultant. PRICE: 400 USD – first three registrations 500 USD – Early Birds until 22nd of April 600 USD – regular price LANGUAGE: Ukrainian
Symphony Solutions
(032) 224 46 90
Symphony Solutions
2b, Naukova vulytsia
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Agile Space
Symphony Solutions

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