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HamburgAI #4: AI Community Gathering
HamburgAI #4: AI Community Gathering
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HamburgAI #4: AI Community Gathering

HamburgAI #4: AI powered talks Our fourth edition of HamburgAI is taking place on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. We have a great selection of speakers for you as you can see in the highlights below. Stephan Uhrenbacher, famous founder (Qype) and ML investor will give an overview on the AI startup landscape. Data Scientists from both, Zalando and Tchibo, will provide insights into AI use cases for the online shopping customer journey as well as the area of logistics. It’s the first time we will have a real time AI Challenge on stage: How to actually apply AI in contract content interpretation? The last HamburgAI event was sold out one week in advance. So you better hurry up to get your ticket now :). When? Wednesday, March 28, from 6 to 9pm Where? Hamburg Mindspace Some Highlights: - Stephan Uhrenbacher from FLIO, etc. on the Experiences as an early stage investor in AI - Florian Müller, Data Scientist @Tchibo on Managing Uncertainty in Time Series Forecasts using Probabilistic Programming - Matthias Rettenmeier, Chief Data Scientist at Zalando on Understanding Consumer Journeys with RNNs Jan Erik Herrmann, ML Engineer at Lufthansa Global Business Services with the AI Challenge: Interpreting Contract Content Moderator: Steve Emecz, CCO at collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH HamburgAI is a community that brings together representatives from startups, companies and universities to discuss the current state of AI as well as future visions. More info is available on Agenda 18:00 – Mingle with drinks 18:30 – Official opening 18:35 – Speeches 20:15 – Official Closing + Networking + Drinks
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