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Jedi Techniques Workshop by Maxim Doforeev
Jedi Techniques Workshop by Maxim Doforeev
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Jedi Techniques Workshop by Maxim Doforeev

➡️Secure a seat now at ⬅️ This practical workshop will equip you with necessary skills for accomplishing more, with less stress and efforts, and bring you closer to the work-life balance on a win-win basis. After the training, you will know how to achieve more at work and personal life simultaneously (instead of conventional view: “one at the expense of another”). In a simple and entertaining way, you will learn: ✅How do our minds work? Daniel Kahneman’s and Tim Urban’s models. ✅What does instant gratification monkey do in my head and how to tame it? ✅What cognitive biases are and how they affect our day-to-day work? ✅The concept of limited Mindfuel and how to save it ✅Why some ToDo lists do not help and how to create ToDo list that (finally) works ✅Methods of “Magic fairy” and “Rational flaneur” ✅How to succeed in a highly uncertain environment and how to make uncertainty your best friend ✅How technology hijacks our minds. The concept of information overload and how to prevеnt it. ✅How to deal with tasks and commitments under tight deadlines and high uncertainty ✅...and much more! More than 50% of workshop time is devoted to practice, exercises and discussions. The workshop offers concrete, ready-to-use improvement recipes for daily work. ➡️Secure a seat now at ⬅️


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